Livable Sheds: An Alternative to Cabins

livable shed exampleWhen I tell most people that I built a livable shed on my property, their initial reaction is “You built a tiny little shed, even with all that land? Why not a cabin?!”

Well first of all, the difference between a shed home and a cabin isn’t black and white. Some people might look at my shed and consider it to be a cabin, why some people might look at another man’s “cabin” and call it a shed!

But on a more serious note… once I started thinking about what I truly needed to be comfortable for short periods of time (usually a week or less) I realized that there was no point in building a huge cabin when all I needed was a single room.

Personally, I define livable sheds as being small (less than 15×15) single-room dwellings. A cabin, in my opinion, is larger and has two or more rooms. Some people might also go so far as to say that a cabin will have running water or electricity, but I don’t know if I agree with that.

Another key difference (in my mind) is that a shed is much easier to build–I was able to put mine up in a couple weekends using materials I picked up at my local Home Depot. Also, shed homes are going to be much cheaper than cabins.

Of course, some people will never be able to get over the idea of living in a shed, or will need something bigger to accommodate their entire family. For these folks, building a full-size cabin is clearly going to be their best bet.

But if you only need a small dwelling for you and perhaps your spouse, then you should consider a shed. They are cheap, easy to build, and can be surprisingly cozy and comfortable once you’ve taken some time to dress up the inside with a rug and some framed photos.